Welcome to the Financial Marauder!

We are one of McMaster University’s newest clubs and we’re excited to share what we have in store for you over the next eight months.

The Financial Marauder is a student-run finance publication. We publish every Tuesday, starting next week. Become a member for free and receive our weekly newsletter with all the new content on our website and exclusive career advice from senior students that you can only find in the newsletter.

Our mission is to better prepare McMaster University students for careers in finance. Part of that is having members read the articles we publish to learn about relevant topics and career advice. However, a major component is also opening up our platform for members to write their own articles. Writing will improve your communication skills, help you learn more about the industry, and give you meaningful extracurricular experience.

We encourage all students to join, even if you’re not interested in finance. Membership is free, their is no obligation to write, and our articles cover a broad range of topics. Anything directly finance related or that can be tied back to a company’s bottom line, we will cover. Plus, the career advice is relevant to all business students and those in other programs.

Be apart of the Financial Marauder’s inaugural year! Sign up with your McMaster University email on our Membership page to become a member. You can also visit our booth on Wednesday, September 3, 2019 to find out more about club.