The Unbreakable Boeing

Despite what often feels like countless controversies and airplane groundings, Boeing has still exceeded stock price expectations over the last couple of years. With that being said, Boeing posted its first annual loss in over twenty years arising from costs involved with the 737 MAX airplane and its crashes. As the Boeing name enters 2020 with a tarnished reputation, will Boeing continue to be able to make such strides as they did in the previous decade? Continue reading The Unbreakable Boeing

Netflix: The Content King

Netflix, the prolific streaming service that was once known only by their abundant variety of content, is now one of the worlds most successful content producers. With over US$20.0 billion in annual revenue in 2019, the Netflix brand has continued to surpass expectations, taking only 22 years to reach this milestone. As the streaming industry continues to explode with competition from Disney+ to Prime video, … Continue reading Netflix: The Content King

2020: The Year of Tesla?

By, Brett Scully After years of countless production hiccups, Gigafactory 3, Tesla’s new Chinese production plant, is officially in full force as the new Shanghai plant began production and delivery in early 2020.  With this new plant already on pace to produce over 1,500 Model 3s per week, Tesla’s entry into China, the largest electric vehicle (EV) market in the world, is a massive step … Continue reading 2020: The Year of Tesla?

An Uber Struggle

By, Brett Scully Uber, in spite of a 30.0% third quarter increase in revenue, is still burning cash at an alarming rate of $11.0 million per day.  Their $1.1 billion quarterly loss, despite meeting investor expectations, is still a substantial loss to Uber’s bottom line.  With other cash burning tech companies such as WeWork facing immense criticism and a lower valuation, how long can these high-growth, … Continue reading An Uber Struggle

Robinhood and The Future of Zero Commission Trading

By, Brett Scully Robinhood, once known as the kingpin of discount brokerage, woke up to quite a market disruption earlier this month. Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade and E-Trade, three massive trading platforms, all dropped commissions on stocks, options and ETFs to $0.00.  This news brought massive declines in each company’s stock prices of 12.0%, 28.0% and 19.0% respectively.  Such a transition seems great for consumers, yet for many, … Continue reading Robinhood and The Future of Zero Commission Trading

Amazon: The Market for False Positives

By Brett Scully Social proof, the psychological pitfall where people conform out of a genuine belief that others are correct, builds the foundation of why Amazon reviews are so important, but also dangerous.  How many Amazon reviews are genuine experiences versus opportunists looking for a quick buck? On 3 October 2016, Amazon announced that “incentivized” Amazon reviews were to be banned from their site.  A … Continue reading Amazon: The Market for False Positives

The Good and the Evil of Microtransactions

By, Brett Scully With consumer spending on content more than doubling between 2015 to 2018, large game developers are jumping to the newest trend; the microtransaction model.  With profit chasing plaguing the corporate world, how far are corporations willing to go to squeeze every last penny out of loyal fan bases? Before we go deeper, let’s start with breaking down the microtransaction model. The microtransaction model is … Continue reading The Good and the Evil of Microtransactions