Best Ways to Learn Financial Modelling

Whether you want to work in investment banking, private equity, venture capital, equity research, or asset management, you’re going to need to know financial modelling. If you want to pursue any of these careers, learning financial modelling early is key to being successful. Continue reading Best Ways to Learn Financial Modelling

Disney+ Enters the Streaming War

By, Sophia Krnjeta Going up against industry leader Netflix, and well-established platforms such as Amazon Prime is a daunting task for any new streaming service. Despite this reality, Disney+ has seen great success in gaining subscribers and capturing audiences since its launch just under five months ago.  In the short period of time since the launch of Disney+, the service has marked a strong positive … Continue reading Disney+ Enters the Streaming War

Air Canada Takes a Nosedive

By, Momal Khan The travel industry is experiencing an unprecedented rate of downturn, with Canada’s largest airline being no exception. Air Canada’s stock has taken a plunge as it copes with the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic that has caused mass cancellations and restrictions on airlines all over the world.  The S&P/TSX Composite Index dropped 9.9 percent to the lowest level since February 2016, sending … Continue reading Air Canada Takes a Nosedive

Oil Industry Bleeds Red

By, Rowland Goddard Canada’s oil industry has taken a beating over the past few years and these last two weeks have felt like the knockout punch. The combination of the Saudi-Russian price war along with the COVID-19 pandemic has created a double edge sword, where energy supply is abundant, but demand is crumbling. Where does the industry go from here? During the first two months … Continue reading Oil Industry Bleeds Red

Retail Investors Bet Big

By, Abdulah Hussain Retail investing is on the rise as unorthodox options traders dabble in borderline market manipulation. Individual investors have often been overlooked in their ability to move markets but not anymore thanks to an online Reddit community. This group of over one 900,000 users claim to have found the key to fast wins in the stock market, leaving professionals in awe to question … Continue reading Retail Investors Bet Big

VISA Meets Plaid

By, Rowland Goddard Is how we pay for goods and services changing? Conceptually, maybe not. However, now consumers have access to numerous methods to facilitate the payment of goods and services that didn’t exist even ten years ago. Fintechs like Plaid are changing the transaction process for the consumers of tomorrow.  Plaid provides integration between banks and fintechs. Currently, they are integrated with over 11,000 … Continue reading VISA Meets Plaid

Spotify Streaming into Podcasts

By, Sophia Krnjeta Spotify is ringing in the new decade with another podcast company acquisition, part of their recent expansion strategy. As podcasts continue to gain ground in audio entertainment, Spotify is getting ahead of the movement with several acquisitions aimed at expanding their podcast content.  The streaming service recently acquired The Ringer, a podcast company created by Bill Summons, which caters heavily to sports … Continue reading Spotify Streaming into Podcasts

VistaJet: the Uber for Flights

By, Abdulah Hussain Have you ever booked a flight and hopped on the plane the next day? Never mind a plane, but a private jet that serves its own branded caviar alongside a customized Nobu menu, providing amenities such as cashmere face masks and Egyptian cotton linens. Well now you can with VistaJet. VistaJet, a Malta-based private-jet charter company offers on-demand flights to over 96.0% … Continue reading VistaJet: the Uber for Flights