The Economic Impact of Pandemics

By, Joshua Barzola In the era of social media, everyone has already heard about the Coronavirus (CoV). With the virus spreading globally, especially in mainland China, the question remains: what will be the economic impact of the outbreak? According to World Health Organization, the term CoV represents a large family of viruses that cause symptoms ranging from a simple cold to more dangerous viruses such … Continue reading The Economic Impact of Pandemics

Apple’s Diversification Push

By Joshua Barzola Since Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) initial public offering back in 1980, the company has become a must have, blue-chip stock. However, can the technology giant continue its large stock appreciation from the past year? Or will the highly competitive and stagnant smartphone market begin to affect the company’s valuation? In terms of the technology sector, the majority of companies can be extremely volatile in … Continue reading Apple’s Diversification Push

The State of Value Investing

By, Robert J. Moss Questions about the durability of value investing continue to be raised by the media as the decade-long bull market rages on. Sustained high valuations have limited investment opportunities for value investors, marking a structural change in the market and the death of value investing to some commentators. Value investing was codified by former Columbia University professor, Benjamin Graham in his book, … Continue reading The State of Value Investing

BlackRock’s New Found Power

By, Robert J. Moss With US$6.8 trillion in assets under management (AUM), BlackRock has become a force to be reckoned with. Scrolling through the top equity ownership of North America’s largest public corporations, BlackRock becomes a recurring name, demonstrating the immense influence the asset manager has accumulated. Before their trillions, BlackRock was founded in 1988 by current CEO, Larry Fink, and seven others. They provide … Continue reading BlackRock’s New Found Power

Forever Twenty-Done

By, Sophia Krnjeta This month, Canadians will be bidding farewell to yet another brick and mortar retailer. After filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last September, Forever 21 has announced that it would be closing up the majority of its stores internationally, including all locations in Canada. In the meantime, shoppers can take advantage of the liquidation sales happening across all Canadian locations until the projected … Continue reading Forever Twenty-Done

The Collapse of Carillion

By, Robert J. Moss What was once the lucrative winner of numerous construction and facility management contracts, at one point working on Union Station renovations, ceased to exist after being engulfed by crisis. Almost two years since its liquidation, what caused the collapse of Carillion? Carillion was a British multinational firm based in Wolverhampton, UK. In 1999, the firm was created through a demerger with … Continue reading The Collapse of Carillion

What is Ethical Investing?

By, Robert J. Moss As the issue of climate change has grown more prevalent among the international community, corporations across sectors have increasingly come under scrutiny for their environmental policies. Often the onus is on corporations to reform from within, ignoring the larger role investors can play in enacting change through ethical investing policies. Like ethics itself, ethical investing looks differently to different people. If … Continue reading What is Ethical Investing?

To Infinity and Beyond Meat

By, Sophia Krnjeta This year has been revolutionary for the market of plant-based meat alternatives. As an increasing number of consumers strive to include more plant-based foods into their diet, the potential of the market is soaring.  Leading the plant-based rise is Beyond Meat. This rapid-growing Los Angeles-based company was founded in 2009 by Ethan Brown with a mission to “create the future of protein.” … Continue reading To Infinity and Beyond Meat

Elliott Management and the Raiders of Lost Value

By Robert Moss Their sheer presence can strike fear into the hearts of corporate management teams. Led by the so-called “Vulture Lord,” Paul Singer and Elliott Management have forged a reputation as the largest activist investor in the world. Two weeks ago, they announced AT&T as their latest target in the quest for lost shareholder value. Elliott Management was founded by Paul Singer, the current … Continue reading Elliott Management and the Raiders of Lost Value