Spotify Streaming into Podcasts

By, Sophia Krnjeta Spotify is ringing in the new decade with another podcast company acquisition, part of their recent expansion strategy. As podcasts continue to gain ground in audio entertainment, Spotify is getting ahead of the movement with several acquisitions aimed at expanding their podcast content.  The streaming service recently acquired The Ringer, a podcast company created by Bill Summons, which caters heavily to sports … Continue reading Spotify Streaming into Podcasts

VistaJet: the Uber for Flights

By, Abdulah Hussain Have you ever booked a flight and hopped on the plane the next day? Never mind a plane, but a private jet that serves its own branded caviar alongside a customized Nobu menu, providing amenities such as cashmere face masks and Egyptian cotton linens. Well now you can with VistaJet. VistaJet, a Malta-based private-jet charter company offers on-demand flights to over 96.0% … Continue reading VistaJet: the Uber for Flights

The Unbreakable Boeing

Despite what often feels like countless controversies and airplane groundings, Boeing has still exceeded stock price expectations over the last couple of years. With that being said, Boeing posted its first annual loss in over twenty years arising from costs involved with the 737 MAX airplane and its crashes. As the Boeing name enters 2020 with a tarnished reputation, will Boeing continue to be able to make such strides as they did in the previous decade? Continue reading The Unbreakable Boeing

Netflix: The Content King

Netflix, the prolific streaming service that was once known only by their abundant variety of content, is now one of the worlds most successful content producers. With over US$20.0 billion in annual revenue in 2019, the Netflix brand has continued to surpass expectations, taking only 22 years to reach this milestone. As the streaming industry continues to explode with competition from Disney+ to Prime video, … Continue reading Netflix: The Content King

The Economic Impact of Pandemics

By, Joshua Barzola In the era of social media, everyone has already heard about the Coronavirus (CoV). With the virus spreading globally, especially in mainland China, the question remains: what will be the economic impact of the outbreak? According to World Health Organization, the term CoV represents a large family of viruses that cause symptoms ranging from a simple cold to more dangerous viruses such … Continue reading The Economic Impact of Pandemics

Apple’s Diversification Push

By Joshua Barzola Since Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) initial public offering back in 1980, the company has become a must have, blue-chip stock. However, can the technology giant continue its large stock appreciation from the past year? Or will the highly competitive and stagnant smartphone market begin to affect the company’s valuation? In terms of the technology sector, the majority of companies can be extremely volatile in … Continue reading Apple’s Diversification Push