Historically Low Interest Rates Signal Further Economic Despair

Nataly Kehyayan, Staff Writer Expectedly, the Bank of Canada made the decision to keep interest rates fixed at 0.25% on Wednesday, January 20th. The historically low rates are part of the federal effort towards supporting an economy that has been hit hard by the pandemic. The central bank has forecasted an economic contraction in the coming months.  The overnight rate that is set by a … Continue reading Historically Low Interest Rates Signal Further Economic Despair

Market Goes Crazy for Cocoa

Sandhya Anand, Staff Writer Everything sweet comes at a price. So what happens if the future market transforms sweet to bittersweet?  Hershey’s has resorted to buying cocoa on the futures market. This is an unprecedented step for the company, as normally Hershey’s purchases their cocoa from traders. A cocoa contract is the world benchmark for the global cocoa market. It prices the physical delivery of … Continue reading Market Goes Crazy for Cocoa

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Commercial Real Estate on the Rise

Jonathan Paglialunga, Staff Writer Due to the significant and prolonged nature of COVID-19, many small businesses have been forced to shut down or reduce their storefront presence, creating a surge in real-estate availability. As a direct result, large organizations who either withstood the impacts of the pandemic or successively adapted to the online atmosphere have since been exposed to a wide array of discounted real … Continue reading Commercial Real Estate on the Rise

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Generation Z and Personal Finance

Momal Khan, Co-President With the worldwide shift towards self-service, automation, and digital banking, financial literacy has become more important than ever. This holds especially true for Generation Z, as the older half of the generational cohort is either entering, currently in, or just graduated from university.  Born after 1995, Generation Z was the first to grow up surrounded by the internet, smartphones, and computers. While … Continue reading Generation Z and Personal Finance

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Nickel Powered Society: The New Future?

Dylan Howse, Director of Finance What do you think of when you hear the words “metals and mining”?  You’re probably imaging a gold mine of some sorts that’s going to be used to make a luxurious necklace at your local jewellery store. That is a completely accurate depiction of what happens, except for the fact that gold only makes up a small percentage of the … Continue reading Nickel Powered Society: The New Future?

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From Unicorn To Disaster: Elizabeth Holmes’ Guide to Mass Deception

Nithusa Sinnadurai, Staff Writer Amidst this global pandemic, the ever-deceiving trail of Elizabeth Holmes was pushed back to July 13th, 2021. To understand the complexity behind her case it’s best to start off by understanding who Elizabeth Holmes is, better known as one of Silicon Valley’s greatest failures. Holmes, a driven, chemical engineering student with a thirst for success, dropped out of Stanford University at … Continue reading From Unicorn To Disaster: Elizabeth Holmes’ Guide to Mass Deception

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Airline Industry Hits Turbulence

Isabella Diez, Director of Operations In 2020, the airline industry faced unprecedented losses due to the ongoing pandemic. The airlines were directly impacted by global border closures, restricted air travel, and government imposed lockdowns. The economic losses of airlines worldwide are estimated to be $314 billion USD and without a doubt have marked 2020 as the industry’s worst financial year ever.  Passenger numbers are estimated … Continue reading Airline Industry Hits Turbulence

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Better Store of Wealth: Bitcoin or Gold?

Daniel Tortis, Director of Digital Media Last week bitcoin reached all time highs, leading to investors realizing huge paper profits. Some people are even asking themselves if they should move some of their traditional investments in commodities such as gold into the cryptocurrencies for the long haul.  Bitcoin is a currency that allows people to transfer money over the internet. There is a finite amount … Continue reading Better Store of Wealth: Bitcoin or Gold?

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Arctic Under Attack

Samantha Bader, Co-President In one last push to do as much damage to the environment as possible before leaving office, soon to be former President Trump has pushed through a plan to sell drilling rights in the Alaskan wilderness. The National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska (NPR-A) is a 23 million acre plain in the Northern part of Alaska, believed to contain 11 billion barrels of … Continue reading Arctic Under Attack