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The Financial Marauder is a student-run finance publication. Every Monday, we publish our weekly newsletter with articles written by our Leadership Team, Staff Writers, and member contributions. We’re passionate about finance and McMaster University. Our mission is to better prepare students for careers in the industry with thought-provoking stories and meaningful career advice. For us, finance is more than just knowing what stocks went up and down each day. We take a big picture view and cover any topics that connect to a company’s bottom line or the finance sector and encourage the development of writing and research skills. 

Positions Available:

Director of Digital Media

Director of Operations

Director of Finance

Refer to the linked pages for more information on each role.

Applications are due July 10, 2022 at 11:59pm. Interviews will take place the following week.

To apply, click on the link here

Any questions or concerns can be directed Good luck!